Sunday, 16 June 2013

I'm back

I finally took some outfit pictures today. Nothing fancy though :P
Some more pictures are coming soon.

Haru x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

my own place

I moved out from my parents house over 2 months ago. It didn't take one week after I decided to move out till I found this apartment. When I found it I thought I found a perfect place for me, and I still of course love my place. I love how it is bright during daytime without any lighting.

And I started new job right after I moved out. Now I'm working for a translation agency kind of company... I'm not a translator, but I'm mostly doing proofreading. I have my desk and computer (for the first time in my entire life!), people are nice, there's almost no ridiculous troublesome rules like typical Japanese companies have (such as a new face must not leave the office before boss etc.). I'm getting used to the work little by little and it's getting easier to communicate with my colleagues.

I'm also getting used to this new lifestyle, so finally I have more time to spend for myself!
I have a few books to read and I'm trying to get back in the blog world.

 Plus... I had my hair cut a few weeks ago! Quite short again, actually a bit shorter than the last time when I had pixie cut.
I prefer short hair on me, when I had my hair cut I was like "This is me!!" haha.

Haru x

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year!

Happy new year! Yes, it's already 2013 in Japan :)
So these are what I got on Sunday. I also got a nice cozy snood from Zara but forgot to include it in the picture :P I love everything especially the coat from Bershka. I've wanted a new warm one which I can also wear to go to work, but wasn't expecting to actually find a perfect one from sale so it was still affordable for me (coats tend to be so expensive here in Japan).
Can't wait to wear them!

Haru x

Sunday, 30 December 2012

I'm alive!

So, it's been months since I blogged last time. After the last post I had so many changes in my life. I changed my job at the end of September and now I work in an office wearing a business suite. I still can't believe it's happening!
Well, since then I eventually stopped being in fashion blog world just because I wear a suite almost everyday and on weekends I am too tired to do anything. I don't get inspired so easily now which is good for my money but also sad for me because now everything I buy is for my work :P
But today, as you can see, I DID shopping just for myself!! Yaaay!! quite big shopping because it's now holiday until the second week of January! I went to Zara, Bershka, and H&M (these 3 shops are now on the same street in Osaka! Dangerous! haha). Everything I got today was from sale, except the neon green jumper from H&M in the picture. Hopefully I'm gonna show them in better-quality pictures tomorrow before New Year!

Haru x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

My summer

Random pitures from July til now! I think I've been pretty much enjoying this summer... and I turned 24 on 15! I managed to get the day off (!) and had lunch and dinner (+ drink) with my friends. I was so happy that I found my new favorite place to drink as you can tell how much I was happy from the last picture haha. We had a bottle of apple cider at Sherlock Holmes pub (not the London one!) and roast beef talking about our lives and watching people playing darts... :) I want to do that again (right now if I could) with my dearests!

Haru x

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