Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My First Giveaway: 2 silver chokers

To celebrate the first anniversary of this blog, I'm giving away this ultimately simple silver chokers to lucky two readers! :)
I already know some of you guys like it when I asked before here, and am sorry it took so long since then but finally here it is!! Don't forget to enter! :)

To win it, you only need to:
1. Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect (see the side bar ⇀)
2. Follow this blog via Bloglovin' if you have an account (click here)
3. Add me on Facebook :) (click here)
4. Leave a comment with your email address, and *IMPORTANT!* tell me how you follow this blog and what keeps you visiting this blog. And you're done!

This giveaway is internationally open until September 15, 2011.

Good news for you guys is this blog is still baby and apparently there're not a lot of regular readers, so I assume there won't be many entries as well, hehe.


1. Google Friend Connectでこのブログの読者になる (ブログのヘッダーにある”読者になる”をクリック)
2. Bloglovin'のアカウントも持っている方はBloglovin'でもこのブログをフォロー(ここをクリック)
3. Facebookをしている方はそちらでも私にフレンドリクエストを送ってください(ここをクリック)
4. 最後に、通常使われるメールアドレスを添えてこの記事にコメントを残してください。その際どうやってこのブログをフォローしているか(Google Friend Connect and/or Bloglovin')と、なぜフォローしているかの理由もあれば教えてください :)



Good luck guys!!

Haru x


Kristen Leotsakou said...

AWESOME GIVEAWAY! did all the above! <3

my email is

Angela Alvarez said...

your blog is really one of my favorites!!


bloo. said...

I totally love it ;-))


Carissa said...

Happy Anniv to your blog <3


Sabrina said...

Yeeeeeah! Count me in sweetie, did all the above <3 <3 <3

Joey said...

Haru, how come I can't see the GFC on your blog? I can't remember if I've joined because I always read your blog with Bloglovin'. In any case, I've definitely followed you on Bloglovin' and Facebook.

I keep coming back because you've got amazing style and I like to see your style coordinates!


Thanks for organizing this!

dongala (wanderer) said...

I folllowed you through all the ways... facebook..and i even messaged you! :)

Lidiya said...

Happy birthday to your blog :)

Sick by Trend said...

very beautiful! nice giveaway!! :D Good luck everyone! I'm following

Look my blog and follow me if you like :)


Have a nice weekend


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fisiwoman said...

I lvoe the necklaces, enter me please!

I'm a new follower via GFC (fisiwoman). Following on Bloglovin and FB too (Ana Belén R M)

Ana Belén
fisiwoman at hotmail dot com

Rae said...

Love these chokers! I did all the above. :)


Zarna said...

such a great giveaway! those chokers are gorgeous!

Weronika said...

So I did everything what you've been asking for. I actually keep coming back on your blog, just started writing my own... And I really admire your style. Anyway my email is
take care

Jenny said...

hello....well I have done everything that u said...and I hope that this giveaway is international :)


how I follow this blog...I must say that I discovered you throu lookbook...I saw u on HOT and I like ur combination...and I come back to ur blog because I like ur style, and I really love ur photos here :))

so I hope to be pick to win this one gift :))

keep fingers crossed :))

Anonymous said...

Oh wow cool, I followed you with google connect and bloglovin..

I found your blog on and I really like your outfits =) Especially the bags.


lizdigiorgio said...

hey! I did everything for the giveaway! I found you on lookbook a while ago, and love the chokers so decided to enter :) My email is Thanks!

Mia Hong said...

Hi, Haru! =^0^=
I followed using Google Friend Connect, via Bloglovin', and I also added you on Facebook. =)

My e-mail is:

I'm so glad that I found your blog! Your outfits are such a great inspiration, and I think you have a wonderful personality. <3

CINDY NGO said...

all done!


thanks for the giveaway, doll! :)


Ngo Julie said...

J'adore ton blog, Mlle la Japonaise :)
J'ai découvert ton blog par hasard en traînant sur le net.
C'est très différent des autres blogs de mode français. Pour moi c'est beaucoup plus accessible parce que les françaises sont plus sophistiquées enfin pour moi.
En tout cas merci.
(désolée je t'ai que ajouté sur facebook) et mon adresse e-mail est :

Translation: I love your blog, Miss Japan's :)
I found your blog accidentally dragging on the net. It's very different from other blogs of French fashion. For me, it is much more accessible because French bloggers are more sophisticated at last for me.
Anyway thank you. (sorry I only added you on facebook) and my e-mail address is:
Kissfromfrance! and sorry for the english

Simone Lässig said...

I did it all the above :)

Daly said...

Well I just found your blog and it was a no brainer to me to follow you via google friends connect AND bloglovin! You have a really interesting and unique fashion sense, and because your outfits are simple yet chic you are an inspiration to me. Some of the other blogs I follow wear outrageous off the runway clothes, but you take those trends and statement pieces and turn them into something every day appropriate and fashionable. You have quickly become one of my favorite blogs!

my email: dalynaughton@yahoo. com


Clementine said...

I stumbled upon your profile on Lookbook, and when I noticed you had a blog I checked it out. After that I was checking everyday for new posts, I've become sort of addicted!
I loved how the posts were somewhat personal but always had a reference to fashion. Not to mention that I love every outfit you post! You dress the way I wish I would dress - I can't pull it off though. You make it seem so easy to dress awesomely, while all the other blogs out there are too "fancy-dancy" runway sort of thing. Also, you take amazing pictures.
I couldn't comment or anything because I didn't have a blogger account, so you are sort of the reason why I started my own blog (which isn't nearly as nice as yours, but I aspire)

Anyway, you are by far my favorite blog, just thought I should thank you for that!

N sisters said...

google friend connectと



Jackie said...

Haru!! I followed you on Google Friend Connect and added you on facebook ;)

honestly, I haven't visited your blog in ages (i used to read it on a daily basis) but i remembered you and came back! if anything happened, your style has become way more refreshing and wonderful, and that's why i'm reading and following your blog! i think you have a very sincere style of writing that really connects with your readers.

p.s even if i don't win the giveaway, just want to let you know that ALL i said above is TRUE!! you're fabulous (:


Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

Following on GFC, Bloglovin, and Facebook. And what keeps me coming back is a similar taste and awesome shopping finds. For example, these chokers!!

xx Cristina

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